• In order for you to understand your Turkish Language level you can get the "Placement Tests" which is being held on every Saturday by 13.00 pm in IAU Florya Campus.


Application & Registration


Istanbul Aydin University-TÖMER Registration Process

Required Documents for Acceptance Letter:

  • A copy of passport
  • 100 USD- Acceptance Letter Fee
  • 1500 USD - Total course fee
  • Registration Form of Acceptance Letter

1.   Required documents can be submit online or together with application.

2.   Registration form for Acceptance Letter must be filled completely.

3.   For Admision in Tomer, you can transfer class tuition in below Bank address name given:

             TL ACCOUNT

  • BANK NAME:               Deniz Bank
  • SUBMIT TO:                  Istanbul Aydin Universitesi
  • BRANCH:                      Karaköy Ticari Merkez
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER:4060-1771107-374
  • USD IBAN:              TR05 0013 4000 0017 7110 7001 11
  • SWIFT CODE:               DENITRISXXX

             DOLAR ACCOUNT

  • BANK NAME:               Deniz Bank
  • SUBMIT TO:                  Istanbul Aydin Universitesi
  • BRANCH:                      Karaköy Ticari Merkez
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER:4060-1771107-377
  • USD IBAN:           TR91 0013 4000 0017 7110 7001 15

4.   You can receive Acceptance Letter through cargo (DHL) or from IAU. You can receive your Acceptance Letter within 3business days or you can receive it through person who applied (Agent).

5.   Despite Scanned copy of your Acceptance Letter will be send to Visa Consulate from TOMER Office.

6.   After you received your student Acceptance Letter, take it to the nearest Turkish Republic Embassy (VISA CONSULATE) in you country and apply for Turkish Language Visa (Tömer Visa).

7.   After you received your Visa book your flight to turkey and take an entry maximum 10 days before start date of your class. (According to Schedule of courses, if you get early or late by coming here may cause an issue.

8.   After completing all process please visit İAU TÖMER office between 1st to 3rd days of your arrival to get done with your affairs.


1.   The Student must be present during the registration. Registration for payment can not be made by another person.

2.   After completing registration process you will take a Pre-test. To understand about Pre-test location and time, you can visit TOMER website or TOMER Office.

3.   In case If student had any reasonable problem or excuss for registration, will be consider and evaluate i.e. changing of class or any other issues under basis during first week of class.  Sınıf değiştirme talepleri ise, sınıfların yoğunluğuna ve diğer şartlara dayalı olarak, o kura ait kursun başladığı ilk hafta içerisinde gerçekleşebilir. You cannot refund for class cancellation.

4.   Student is required to sign a letter of commitment for any issue of starting class.

5.   You must have at least 80% attendance to continue the class . If not, then the student will not be able to pass the class successfully. Missed classes will not be refund.


1.   If the student refused by getting visa, he/she is required to submit the Visa Refusal document for us.

2.   In this case only class fees will be refunded but 100$ Application fees will not be refunded.

3.   If you had an Agent for these process so he/she will be point of contact for your issues. If the agent will refund the fees he/she must contact the student before.

4.   Refund payment will be made at appropriate time by University Accounting/Finance Department.

5.   The Valid date for refund is for 3 months. In exceed of time, it will not be respondable.

6.   Each Student is required to deposit the application fee on its behalf and with his/her personal account.

7.   Refundable’s Student must write an application letter or requisition letter for refunding and submit it to TOMER Office.

8.   Refund payments will be made only by your name, not some else’s account.

9.   We request Our International Students to receive their refunded amount by filling below information complete it and share it with us/finance department.

  • Refunded Bank Name     :
  • Account Holder Name     :
  • Account Name                   :
  • IBAN No                              :
  • SWİFT CODE                      :

Note: Student’s age should not be less than 16 years.

Required Documents after recieving Student Visa and enterance to Turkey

  • A copy of Passport and Visa
  • 2x Photographs
  • Contact information form


1.     Health Insurance:

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Tax Number or TC Number:
  • Payment Receipt:
Healt Insurance Charges
Age   Costs
0 - 18   475 TL
19 - 25   500 TL
26 - 35   600 TL
36 - 40   680 TL
41 - 45   850 TL
46 - 50   945 TL
51 - 55   1.290 TL
56 - 60   1.490 TL
61 - 64   2.125 TL

2.     Resıdence Permıt Card Process:

Required documents:

  •  Online Residence Permit Application
  • 4x Photographs
  • Passport (Original)
  • Photocopy of Passport (Entire Pages)
  • Health Insurance
  • Recent Student Letter (You will take it 2 days before your appointment from Tomer Office)
  • Residence letter

3.     Student Transportatıon Card:

Required documents:

  • Passport (That Must Contain Tomer Visa)
  • 1x Photograph
  • Recent Student Letter

Note: Requesting/Receiving time of Student Letter and other stuff:

·         Morning:     11.00

·         Afternoon: 15:00


Turkish Educaiton Collection for -İSTANBUL- FOREIGNERS,  Prepared and written by our expert faculties as well as visual materials are have been already used. You will buy Class-books from C-BLOCK entrance floor Book Store.