• In order for you to understand your Turkish Language level you can get the "Placement Tests" which is being held on every Saturday by 13.00 pm in IAU Florya Campus.


Student Testimonials


TOMER is language program for foreign students come to Turkey and wish to learn Turkish language, it is especially required to those who are living and studying in Turkey. TOMER has five different levels of proficiency; A1, A2, B1, B2,C1,C2.

These are the levels students in the universities have to take and pass in order to pursue their studies/career in the country.

Furthermore, I want to mention that TOMER in Aydin University is very good in teaching the students with high standards of education. Students  can learn easily by this program.

My experience when first I came to Istanbul was,  I wasn’t able to speak and write Turkish language but in a few months I was able to speak and solve my daily problems thankfuly because of my TOMER training.

TOMER is very good in the sense that they provide advantages for foreign students. In Aydin University, we have so many kind and intelligent teachers in the Foreign Languages department, I am really happy to be a part of this program.