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Let's Talk


Let's Talk




By this activity, we aim to solve one of the most important challenges while learning a foreign language: finding a native speaker. We gather our local and international students, also the staff in our university and enable them to improve their speaking skills in their foreign language in a warm and friendly environment.

What Kind of Activity Is It?

In this activity, you make Turkish practice for half an hour and also make practice in another language for half an hour in a specific topic. The most important matter in this activity which will be repeated every week in the same day and hour is that you make a friendly conversation in a comfortable environment with your new friend.

This activity is collectively organized and the participants are divided into groups for 6-7 people. The groups are mixed as native and foreign language speakers. Mentors are assigned to each group. You can get help from the dictionary which you will find on your table. You can always ask our mentors for help about words and expressions


You will match with your partner for at least two hours a week. And we expect you to speak Turkish for an hour and the other language for an hour.

Activity Structure

Activity Duration

2 hours a week

Activity Application

Turkish for 1 hour, other language for 1 hour

Language Options

English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, Persian, German, Italian, Spanish

Method of Activity

One-to-one Matching

What is Our Aim?

The aim of this activity is to bring together international students who are learning Turkish in Aydin TÖMER and Turkish students in the campus and improve their speaking skills. This activity enables international students to practice Turkish and also Turkish students to practice the language which they want to improve. You will have a chance not only to practice your language but also get to know a new culture and expand your vision.

Who can Join the Activity?

Istanbul Aydin University students and the staff who have at least B1 level and want to improve their language skills and capable of sparing 2 hours of their time can join this program.

Note: The required number of students is limited. Students who will get the required level in our exam will be invited.

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